My Introduction to Modern Medicine.

modern medicineSometimes in life you know that you are lucky but your luck is going to run out some day. That’s how I felt about my primary care doctor. I was so lucky to have the same doctor for over 20 years. She was what everyone wants from a doctor: smart, thorough and compassionate. My doctor knew a lot about me because she took the time to talk to me and learn about my medical history and personal history. She was a ‘hands on” doctor who took my temperature and blood pressure herself and performed a complete physical examination – herself. She even gave shots herself. Maybe it was old school and not “efficient’ but the time she spent doing these activities was time spent talking to me, her patient, and learning about my health issues.

Sadly, for me and all of her other patients, she retired at the end of 2016.

I just had my first appointment with my new doctor. It was very different. It turns out that I made some mistakes as a patient. Read More→