Your disability attorney will develop a theory for your case that explains why you are disabled under Social Security laws and regulations. One possible theory for why you are disabled is that your impairment meets or equals an impairment in Social Security regulations known as The Listing of Impairments.

Meeting a Listing
SSA regulations, called the Listing of Impairments, specify medical criteria for a wide variety of medical conditions. If you have a condition that is included in the Listing of Impairments and a review of your medical records shows that your condition exactly matches the medical criteria for that condition specified in the Listing, the SSA will consider you disabled.

Equaling a Listing
If your medical records do not show that your condition matches exactly the criteria for a Listed Impairment, you may still be disabled if your condition equals a Listed Impairment.

Qualifications for Equaling a Listing

There are four main ways your impairment can be considered as equal to a Listed Impairment:

1. Your symptoms don’t exactly match the Listing, but . . . .  you have other conditions or symptoms that are not mentioned in the Listing.
2. Your symptoms are not severe enough, but. . . . . you have other conditions or symptoms that are not mentioned in the Listing.
3. Your impairment is not in the Listings, but. . . . your impairment is just as severe as a similar impairment that is in the Listing.
4. You have a combination of impairments and. . . .. even though none of your impairments meet a Listing on their own, the combination results in an impairment that is just as severe as ones in the Listings.

Proving that your impairment meets or equals the SSA’s Listing of Impairments is highly technical and often requires expert legal and medical knowledge.

When your condition does not meet or equal a Listing, the disability evaluation process becomes even more complicated as you must prove you cannot do your former work and cannot adjust to any other work.

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