If you have a applied for Social Security disability benefits and also have a private disability policy, consider yourself lucky. Why? Because your short and long term disability can provide some income while you wait the 2+ years for your Social Security disability claim to be processed.

Short-term Disability

Short-term disability insurance covers a certain portion of an employee’s salary while he or she is off work for a finite period of time. The coverage commonly kicks in after the employee has exhausted sick leave. The employee may receive almost a full salary for a few weeks. However, the insured individual may receive smaller payments of about 60 percent of the original salary amount after the first few weeks.

Long-term Disability

Long-term disability, on the other hand, provides benefits for a much longer period of time. It helps protect an individual after a permanent injury or catastrophic illness. This policy may kick in after short-term disability terminates. This may occur about six months after the injury was sustained or the illness developed. However, there is usually some specific termination date for this disability coverage as well. This may be after five or 10 years. Alternatively, it may end at a certain age, such as 65 years old.

Private disability policies are very helpful because they provide some income while you wait for your case to move through the Social Security process. Remember, however, that the definition of disabled in private policies is different from, and usually less rigorous, than the Social Security definition. So, the fact that you receive private disability payments does not mean that you will automatically be approved for Social Security disability.

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