We Are Honored by Our Clients’ Testimonials.

At the conclusion of each case, we ask our clients to fill out a report card in order to grade us on our service.  Below are the comments we’ve received to date.

Please note: Every case is different and an attorney’s past record is no assurance that the lawyer will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case.

January 2015

Sharon made me feel calm in court and is masterful at making you feel comfortable at the hearing. She truly knows how the system works and guided me seamlessly through that day. She is very confident and made me feel the same. PAT!! What a wonderful person! She made me feel comfortable from the very first call. She is kind, compassionate and fun to talk to. On top of that, all my emails were answered in a timely manner.

- Paula Matheos

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case!

- Kimberly Walton

July 2014

I truly enjoyed the phone conversations with Sharon – it’s effective and saves on gas. Pat is well informed, returns calls and is very pleasant to talk to. Sharon’s paralegal is a credit to the firm.

- LeQuency Bynum

June 2014

Everything was great from beginning to end.

- Linda Affeld

May 2014

I couldn’t have had a better experience with another lawyer. Outstanding work!

- Ishtar Meredith

April 2014

Sharon Christie and her staff get all A pluses from me! Sharon deserves “super lawyer” status. Sharon, Pat and the paralegals get the job done! Without question, they are life savers. Stupendous service and phenomenal work. I have referred them to several organizations. Great service and swift replies to all
questions demonstrate exceptional communication, which is essential to this process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Justin Markos

February 2014

I give Sharon Christie and her staff all “A”s! They explained every aspect of my case and won my case for me. Nothing could have been done better.

- Rhonda Buddenbohn

January 2014

Pat was very attentive to the clients. She is so pleasant and sweet and makes this difficult time better. Sharon is not only an attorney but a nurse and that meant a lot to me.

- Sherri Phisterer

November 2013

You and your staff were excellent in every way.

- Terry Nowlin



Everything was excellent. Pat was great as well as compassionate.

- Shelby LeBeau



You communicated the process, were compassionate and empathetic.

- Ava Chandler-Dietz

October 2013

I appreciated the way you talked with me about my case.

- Jerome Green

September 2013

You provided hope when I was ready to give up! You and your office staff were very efficient at answering questions and returning calls.

- Thomas Fioretti



I was very comfortable calling with questions and concerns. All my concerns were answered with a lot of knowledge and compassion. Pat is wonderful to deal with. I have recommended your firm!

- Charmaine Kline

July 2013

My case was approved with Sharon’s help! Adriana was a delight to work with. She was very patient & kind. She did well and kept me calm about everything.

- Tonya Wilmore

June 2013

I was very pleased with everything you and your team did for me. Sharon, you’re the BEST. I want to thank you and your legal team so much for what you did for me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gotten my SSI or my SSD.

- Dawn Koerner



Everything you did for me was excellent!

- Darlene Kells



I was always greeted nicely and you always got back to me if I had any question you could not immediately answer.  Thank you for your help!!!

- Joann Ortega



From the time we contacted you until the winning of my case, everything was explained thoroughly and time lines and procedures were laid out in a concise and orderly manner. We could not have completed this without your knowledge & expertise. Pat and the rest of the staff were excellent in contacting us and processing our paperwork. Very friendly!

- George Lambert



Good service with a smile. Good communication.

- Rona Bannister



You explain everything to me about my case and answered all my questions. Everything done was great.

- Lavoris Whittington



Pat is an absolute godsend. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, caring, etc. I can’t say enought good words about her.

- Wendi Gschlind



You won my case!

- Kathleen Voland

April 2013

You were really good at staying in touch via phone.

- Helen Lewis



You were personable, honest, and caring from beginning to end!

- Christine Palmer

February 2013

You handled the paper work and getting the medical records well.  I don’t know what you could have done better. Thanks everyone!

- Summer Valentine



You did it all very well.

- Rhonda Sabolowski

January 2013

I appreciated your regular calls to SSDI for status and keeping up-to-date on medical information.  And your friendly service!  I can’t think of anything you could have done better.

- Lauren Cook

December 2012

Your office kept me informed as to what I needed to do all the time.  You also kept me at ease when I was down and uncertain.  Thanks so much for helping me get benefits without a deposition or a hearing.  You couldn’t have done anything better.

- Nancy Shapiro



You were prepared, friendly and comforting at the hearing.

- Robert Svehla



Pat is a great help to your office.  When I called with questions, she stopped what she was doing and found the answers.

- Dawn Schauber

November 2012

You did everything well.

- Lisa Jenkins

September 2012

From my very first contact by email I was kept informed of how this process would evolve.  Every step of the process was explained to me.  My outcome turned out to be sooner than anticipated and that can only be due to the knowledge and experience of this law firm. You absolutely could not have done anything better!  The office is very professional and at the same time very compassionate.  Pat is such a pleasant person to communicate with.

- Sandra



Everything was done well – Pat, Denise, Adriana were always helpful and friendly and a joy to talk to!

- Carol Matthews



Your law firm was so courteous every time I needed you.  Always returned my calls and spoke to me with regard. I am eternally grateful.

- Debbie Matthews

August 2012

I was prepared to go to court and that really helped me to not be so nervous. Nothing could have been done better.  Everyone did a great job.

- Donna Taylor



My respresentation at the hearing with Mary Bodley was outstanding!  Mary’s ability to pull out of me the very important issues of my case.  Also, Pat and Sharon were wonderful.  Thank you very much!

- Carol Matthews

July 2012

I felt well guided and calmed when I was in a sick and unclear frame of mind. God bless you.

-A. Kropkowski


The law as it applied to my case was explained clearly, as were the proceedings from beginning to end. I was kept advised of the status of my case and am pleased with the outcome.

- Dave Gurecki

June 2012

You kept in touch, expained what would happen next and gave me all the details. You even signed all correspondence personally!

-Garrett Fitzgerald


Excellent communication. Friendly. Highly recommended. I don’t think it could have been handled any better. Thanks.

-William Tauber


Communicated well adn answered all my questions. Pat was a big help – kept me informed and prepared me along the way up until court. I was very happy with everything. You couldn’t have done anything better!

-Michael Perna

May 2012

You kept me informed during the process. You could not have done anything better and we will certainly recommend you to others. Thanks so much!

-John Robey


You did EVERYTHING well!

-Diana Anderson


You were great with communication, mailings and patience. Everything went more smoothly than I’d hoped it would. Thank you!

-Kelly Hodge


You explained everything to me and made me feel completely satisfied. Nothing could have been done better.

-Penny Bauerline


Everything was done well! While applying for disability benefits is a very long process, the professionalism and efficiencey extended by you and your staff made this tedious ordeal virtually seamless. You could have done nothing better.

-Catherine Belschner

April 2012

KNOWLEDGE – Ms. Christie knew my case and the judge. COMMUNICATION – great teamwork and Pat’s always pleasant & ready to help! CARING – felt addressed as a person, not just a case. EFFICIENT – not a lot of expenses. I could ask for nothing better and am happy to refer you! Outstanding from start to finish!

- Susan Stern


I liked how each and every step was explained thoroughly. Everything you did was terrific. I am very satisfied.

- Kelly Smith


March 2012

You paid attention to my concerns and couldn’t have done anything better!

- Mike Santora


You were honest and thorough as far as what to expect at the hearing. You gave the things to anticipate and think about before the hearing. Since I have never gone through anything like this before, I don’t know if you could have done anything better. You did something right since I did not have to appear and received a favorable outcome.

- Maryann Weiand


You took care of everything!

- David Frankton

February 2012

Very considerate…excellent communication…pleasant co-workers…always up-to-date. AND, I love your newsletter. Thank you so much for all your help and expertise.

- Linda Fitzpatrick


I would give you an A+ for everything! All was done in a timely manner. Not only do you do great at your jobs but you also console clients as if they were your children, which I really appreciated! You all were always there whenever I needed you and your hearts were there for me, too!! It felt like Pat was my second mom thru the case. She never seemed to mind me calling and I always felt better after talking with her.

- Leah Grubbe


I appreciated how an update was always provided via mail or telephone. Also, every call was promptly returned whenever we had a question. Truly a professional business. It was truly a pleasure to have worked with you.

- Lemar Weathers


Excellent communication! Entire office staff was knowledgeable and willing to take time to answer questions whenever I called for information. THANK YOU!!! I could not have navigated through this process alone.

- Joan Stup


All was great!! I would say this if it had taken a year to process this claim. Gratefully, it only took a matter of days – Dec. 15 to Jan. 9. WOW!!

- James Maher

January 2012

You were excellent in every way. I think you did a wonderful job and couldn’t have done things any better. Thank you very much, Sharon.

- Henry Williams


Ms. Christie’s law office was very responsive to my needs. They were very informative about everything that was happening in my case and I was very happy with the outcome.

- Vivian Lewis

December 2011

Very respectful, very informative, very patient, very charmed. Made sure I understood. Did not talk above me but on my level. Everyone in the office is wonderful. Thank you very much.

- Deborah Griffith


Kept me up to date on what I needed to do. You were great to work with. I didn’t have to lose my house.

- Kim Dunston


Sharon and her staff did a great job of explaining everything about my case, returning calls, and advising me of the status of my case. I don’t know how they could have been better.

- Ronald Davis


I was treated with respect, courtesy and regard. I felt my illness was understood – not disregarded. I felt like a person. I was always able to get someone on the phone when I had a question and felt much better after speaking with office staff. They couldn’t have done anything better. How can you improve on perfection?!

- Jayne

November 2011

When I first called Pat, she said, “How does it feel to finally have someone on your side to help?” And right away I felt much better. The way she talked to me, I felt like I’d known her all my life. Sharon was the same as Pat. She made me feel relaxed. Plus, she always called exactly when she said she would. Thank you all very much. You all did a “GREAT JOB.”

- Craig Hart


Everything was always explained to me in layman’s terms and any questions I had were answered. I give them “A”s across the board.

- Ruby Leuty


Very professional, always cheerful & upbeat, gave me confidence. Everything was done perfectly. I would recommend you to anyone.

- Gail Krus


Sharon and Pat were excellent with communication as well as obtaining information for my case – downright excellent. I’m still amazed at how quickly my case was approved. Thanks a million.

- Angela Jennings

October 2011

Communication was excellent; offered a great deal of support in a time when it was truly needed. Thank you, again, for your help.

- Christine Nissly


Communicated entire process from beginning to end. Felt extremely competent in representation. Telephone calls and quarterly updates of case helped and ended stress and tension. Kept me abreast and updated me on the status throughout my case. Sharon and her staff could not have done anything better. I was totally satisfied with the care and compassion of legal representation! I felt like a person, not just a number.

- Lonzia Hawkins Jr.

May 2011

If I could rate you on a scale of 1-10, I would rate you an 11!! Nothing you did could have been done better. Thank you

-Patricia Pearson

April 2011

Everything was explained very well. Nothing could have been done better.

- Mary McDonnel


Everything was the best! I couldn’t have planned a better dream team.

- Susan Stepner

Pat was fantastic. She always called and explained everything and was very polite.

- Rita Cobian

March 2011

We won! Thanks so much.

- Victoria Delaney


You were very professional. Thank you for your hard work.

- Scott Dunham

Everything was done great. You and your staff are professional, caring, intelligent, and with excellent communication. I have absolutely no complaints. I’m so glad you and your staff were on my side. I will recommend your practice always. I am very pleased to have this law practice take such great effort for me to obtain disability help. Thanks to the best law team who got me thru this process.

- Susan Jameson

The use of conference calling, rather than face-to-face appointments was a terrific way to meet, especially given the health status of my daughter. Also, it’s “greener” to avoid driving and parking, etc!

- Patti Laun

Everything, for the most part, was handled very professionally. Courteous and polite staff. Solved problems efficiently.

- Priscilla Kramer

Beyond doing everything well on my case, you even kept in touch while I was hospitalized. That meant so much to me. You are a well oiled machine! I love you all!

- Janice Morgan

Everything was done well and professional. Thank you all for all your help. A special thanks to Sharon A. Christie.

- Alice Mickle

Earlier Testimonials

Sharon and her staff did a great job of keeping me advised of the status of my case & preparing me for the hearing. I was very pleased with the outcome.

- Craig McClaugherty


Sharon and her staff did everything well!

- Terry Morton


You and your entire staff were nothing but professional, courteous and understanding. Thank you!

- Heather Gaver


Sharon’s work helped me to get my social security disability. Nothing could have been done better.

- James Jacques


Sharon did everything very well! Thank you for making my life better!

- Rosetta Wilson


Sharon and her staff were very pleasant and caring. I always felt enlightened after phone conversations.

- Deborah Evans


Everything done on my case was excellent. Sharon and her staff are the Nordstroms of social security attorneys.

- Bruce Scheck


Your help was very thorough and you used language I understood! You were all very industrious and friendly. I felt part of the team!

- Amy Dusza


You and your team did everything well!

- Doni Taylor


You helped and explained everything regarding my case. You were wonderful.

- Sergio Williams


You did everything well! Even your assistants were informed and professional. Your office made a tough journey very easy and simple to navigate and you kept me informed.

- Jay Esterton


Everything you did was excellent! If it were not for you, I probably would have just given up. You gave me hope and encouraged me not to give up. You didn’t give up so how could I? We won! Thank you, Sharon, for everything!

- Linda Wiley


Received my lump sum! Thank you for the great job that you and your great staff did for me. I can never thank you enough. If you ever need a reference, let me know. I’d like to take you all out for lunch. You have bettered my life greatly…

- Darrell Tingler


You explained the complicated process in easy to understand language. Everything you did was excellent.

- Tricia Finck


Keeping me informed and the commitment to me to settle my case in a timely fashion – those are the things you did really well. I can’t think of anything you could have done better. Thank you so much!

- Karl Mack


You expedited my case and requests for hearing in an extremely efficient manner. Thank you very much for your personal touch. Nothing in my case could have been done any better. Job well done!

- Diane Hill


Your team is well versed and made me feel like a human during this trying time. And you got my case won!

- Diane Victor Perrott


Sharon and her staff had a very thorough understanding of the facts involving my claim and they kept me well informed throughout. In my opinion, they couldn’t have done anything better.

- Vincent Cesenaro


Everything was done well. You are The Best Lawyer I have ever had. You kept me totally informed. I would recommend you to anyone who needs help.

- Diane Dudek


Everyone on your staff was always so helpful and courteous. Pat and Kathy felt more like friends whenever I called. Everything you did was the best it could be! Stay the good persons all of you are and you will go a long way. I will refer people to you if anyone needs an excellent attorney.

- Diane Sexton


You stayed in close contact with me through phone calls and cards. You were very efficient in getting my case handled well and quickly.

- Rosemary Ecker


You did everything well. I never had a doubt that you would.

- Samuel Crawford


You did everything concerning my case so well that I will refer anyone to you!

- Sharone Fenwick


Absolutely everything about your help was excellent. I thank you very much for all you did for me.

- Rose Biscoe


Everyone on your staff is very, very professional and polite. All that was done for me was excellent, from explanations to keeping me advised on the status of my case, to returning my calls in a timely manner. Thank you!

- Jean Lane


You and your staff did everything well! Thank you so much.

- Bill Hartman


Sharon and her staff answered my phone calls as well as any and all questions I had in a friendly and professional manner. Pat and Mrs. Kathy Jeffries treated me like family! Nothing could have been done better on your part. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re the best in the business. I will refer ANYONE seeking disability benefits to contact the Law Office of Sharon A. Christie.

- Michael Damico


Great communication! Great staff! Handled everything! Thanks again and GOD BLESS!

- Joyce Rogers


You and your staff did everything well. You’re the best.

- Lloyd Laird


Being disabled is hard to deal with, but you and everyone on your staff helped me to feel like someone and not a piece of garbage. You all helped me and my family out. Thank you very much.

- Barry Thompson Simpson


You and your staff did everything to obtain my disability in a timely fashion. Your concern and help in this matter was beyond the call of duty and excellent in keeping me up to date. I couldn’t be more pleased.

- Melvina Rusk

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