My Consultative Examination Results Are Not Favorable….What Now?

If you just received your consultative exam results and they are unfavorable, do not be discouraged. You have options and there are things you can do to rectify the situation. If you have an experienced attorney representing you,  it will be much easier to address unfavorable results.

If the results of your consultative exam are not consistent with your treating doctor’s opinion, your disability attorney can discuss how to address the situation with your treating doctor. Sometimes it is possible for your treating doctor to provide SSA with a good explanation for why the results of the consultative exam differ from his opinion about your disability. If the explanation is plausible, SSA should accept it.

There are also things you can do before your exam to help with explaining inconsistencies. You can bring a friend or family member to act as a witness to your exam. Your friend or family member can go into the exam with you and take notes on how long the exam took, what the doctor did and what questions the doctor asked. This can be helpful in showing that perhaps the doctor did not take enough time to listen to your complaints or did not perform a thorough enough exam.

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