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Sharon Christie Law is pleased to announce that we are now a part of Disability Associates!

Too Sick To Work But Too Young To Retire

Do you need Social Security Disability Benefits but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place. At Sharon Christie Law we are here to help.

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Are you unable to work because of an illness or disability?

We can help you win your case and get the financial stability you need!

Why Work With Us?


We handle all aspects of the case for you, from preparing and filing the application through the hearing. If you receive a denial we will prepare and file the appeal on your behalf. You can focus on feeling better, we will focus on winning the case.


We understand that you will have many questions as you move through the disability process. We never want you to wonder what is happening in your case. We are here to answer your questions.


The Social Security Disability process is confusing. It is important to us that you understand each step in the process. So, we have a section of the website that is only accessible to our clients.

What clients say about Sharon Christie Law

Thank you Sharon Christie, Denise, Pat and Melanie. They stay on top of everything and are always available to answer any and all questions. I am so glad I chose Sharon Christie Law to represent me and I am so happy with the outcome of my case. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon Christie Law in the future.

Karen C

My experience with the Sharon Christie law firm has been phenomenal. They were knowledgeable and checked in me regularly regarding the status of my case. The law firm was always available to answer my questions and filed the necessary paper work on my behalf. I highly recommend them.

Dianne H

Sharon Christie law firm was a great help to me they were upfront they took care of everything I didn’t have to deal with all. I highly recommend her law firm..thanks again

Gregory Ray

Sharon A. Christie Law. The staff is very professional, they explain everything in detail. They won my case. I recommend them highly to anyone needing a law firm. Sharon A. Christie was a RN so she understands your condition in needing help. They keep in touch with you throughout your case.

Steven White

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability Benefits

How do I know if I can qualify for disability benefits?
Social Security has its own definition of disability. In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits you must be unable “to engage in any substantial gainful activity” because of physical or mental illness which is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death. “Substantial gainful activity” is not limited to your previous work. If you can do any type of work on a full-time basis, then you would probably not be deemed disabled.
Besides being disabled, what other requirements are there for receiving disability benefits?
In order to receive benefits you have to have worked and paid into the Social Security system for a certain amount of time.
How long do I have to work to be eligible to receive disability benefits?
To receive full benefits under the Social Security system you must have worked and paid Social Security taxes.  The length of time you must have worked depends on your age.  In general, if you have worked most of your adult life and paid Social Security taxes, you will be eligible to apply for disability benefits.
Why is working a requirement for receiving disability benefits?
As any experienced disability attorney will tell you, the reason you have to work in order to be eligible to receive benefits is because the Social Security Disability Insurance program is an insurance program. Like any other insurance program, you have to pay into it in order to receive benefits. When you work, Social Security taxes are taken out of your paycheck and put into the Social Security Disability Insurance program. It is similar to how insurance premiums are taken out if you obtain health insurance from your employer. In order to qualify for disability benefits, you must have worked recently enough and long enough to achieve “insured” status.
How recently must I have worked in order to qualify for benefits?
You must have worked a total of five out of the last ten years before you apply for benefits.

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