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Social Security Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis

In the video below Sharon Christie, a social security disability benefits lawyer provides you with important information regarding Social Security Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis. If you or someone you know is looking to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis contact Sharon Christie Law today. We are a social security disability benefits law firm dedicated to getting you the benefits you deserve.

Official Transcript: Social Security Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis


Hi, I’m Sharon Christie your nurse attorney for Social Security disability benefits. Today I want to talk about disability benefits for multiple sclerosis. Now here’s a call we got in the office the other day got a call from a potential client who said I found my application and I’ve been denied I don’t know what to do next.
So let’s talk about what would that next step be. Well, the very first thing that has to happen is you must file your appeal within the deadline. When you get your denial letter you have 60 days to file your appeal you have to make sure you get your appeal filed within that time frame otherwise you have to go all the way back to the beginning and file your application all over again and you don’t want to do that.
So your next step if you’re denied is you have to get an appeal filed. I would also tell you that your next step is to get help. Now, why am I saying that it’s because I know for my clients who have MS how much they struggle day to day just to get through their daily activities. If you put on top of that the stress of dealing with social security gathering all the information that you need filing all of the paperwork on time gathering all of the evidence that you need that adds a level of stress that is probably going to make your MS worse and you don’t want to do that. Get help. There’s help available.
You want to look for an experienced disability lawyer to help you through this process. So once you get the appeal filed now your case is going to be sent to a different group of people within Social Security. If this is your first denial it will go to a whole different group of people in Social Security to be reviewed and to issue a second opinion. If you’ve already been denied twice and you file your appeal now your case is going to the hearing office to get in line to be assigned to a judge and then you will have a hearing with that judge. Now, this can be a very long process to wait for the judge but I will tell you that a judge is in the best position of anybody to decide a case in your favor and why is that?
It’s because the judge will have all of the medical evidence that has been submitted throughout your case and the ability to talk directly to you and find out more about the details of your day to day life and how your MS affects you as you try to go through your daily activities. That’s information that may not be so obvious as your case is being reviewed based on the medical records which is what happens at the first two steps so the judge has a lot more information on which to decide the case and decide the case in your favor but my best recommendation to you is don’t go it alone. Get help and make sure that you are putting yourself in a position to have the best chance possible to win your case