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Social Security Disability Benefits for Chronic Lung Disease

In the video below Sharon Christie, a social security disability benefits lawyer provides you with important information regarding Social Security Disability Benefits for Chronic Lung Disease. If you or someone you know is looking to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits for Chronic Lung Disease contact Sharon Christie Law today. We are a social security disability benefits law firm dedicated to getting you the benefits you deserve. 

Official Transcript: Social Security Disability Benefits for Chronic Lung Disease


hi I’m Sharon Christy your nurse attorney for Social Security disability benefits. I want to talk to you about chronic lung disease and how that can bea basis for claiming Social Security disability benefits. Like any disease whether that will qualify you for disability benefits is going to depend on how the disease affects you day to day.
So let’s talk about some of the things that we typically see in cases that I handle for clients who have chronic lung disease. Now the first thing I want to tell you is that chronic
lung disease might be your only problem but in most of the cases that I handle chronic lung disease is one of several problems. Many times it goes along also with chronic heart disease so if you have more than one medical problem Social Security is going to evaluate the effects of all those conditions but today I just want to talk about the lung problems that many of my clients suffer from.
You may have been diagnosed with COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or perhaps you have chronic asthma or some other type of lung disease. The evaluation of your case will be the same:
  • what symptoms do you have from your lung disease?
  • how does it limit you in your activities day to day?
  • how severe are those limitations and would that prevent you from doing any kind of job at all?

So with lung disease many times what I find with my clients is that they have problems doing some basic activities. They get very short of breath maybe with climbing stairs. They may get short of breath with dressing and bathing. Their walking may be very limited because they get so short of breath and maybe they can walk a block but they have to rest for 15 20 or 20 minutes before they can keep going again.

With asthma, I see clients who have been found disabled if their asthma is a very frequent event. Now, what do I mean by that well many people have asthma and they control it with inhalers which is great. Those are not the people who are generally going to qualify for disability benefits. It’s the people whose asthma remains frequently uncontrolled even with treatment that they are limited in their day to day activities. That’s how bad the asthma is and they’re limited on an ongoing basis so that the question for Social Security is always the same. What are the symptoms that you?  Do you have problems with your day to day activities walking sitting standing climbing stairs doing chores around the house?

Those are just some examples of how does your condition affects your ability to do those kinds of chores and tasks and if you have severe limitations because of your symptoms then that can be a basis for a Social Security disability claim. If you want more information about Social Security disability please go to my website at or call my office we hope to hear from you soon.