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Examining Anxiety for Social Security Disability Benefits

Official Transcript for YouTube Video: “Anxiety for Social Security Disability Benefits”.

Hi, I am Sharon Christie your nursey attorney for Social Security Disability Benefits. Let’s talk about anxiety conditions and how do you prove anxiety for Social Security Disability Benefits. You know there is no test that we can do to measure your anxiety, there is no test that shows that you have this much anxiety or this much anxiety.

So in cases involving anxiety issues what are we looking for? Well, first of all, are you getting specific mental health treatment? That is the number one question because we want to see that there is a valid diagnosis from a mental health professional of your anxiety condition. Next, we have to look at what you are telling the mental health professionals about the problems you have because of your anxiety. How does it affect your day-to-day? How does it prevent you from doing certain activities? Do you have problems with panic attacks? If so how often do you get them? When do they happen? How long do they last? What medications do you take and how does the medication help or not help the panic attack?

Examining Anxiety for Social Security Disability Benefits 

That is just one example of the types of things we are looking for in your medical records because we have to prove not only that you have the condition meaning that there is a valid medical diagnosis of the condition of anxiety, but also that it is so severe that it would prevent you from doing any kind of job at all on a consistent basis.

So we have to look very closely at what you are telling your mental health professionals. That being said make sure that you are reporting all of your symptoms to your medical professionals and how you are being affected day in and day out.

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