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Meet Sharon Christie

A Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyer

Sharon Christie – A Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyer

Sharon Christie is the owner and founder of Sharon Christie Law and is an attorney and former nurse. Her team of professionals and paraprofessionals help people win Social Security Disability Benefits! As a social security disability lawyer Sharon has represented clients in Maryland, Southern Pennslyvania, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. To schedule a meeting with Sharon Christie law please visit our Contact Us Page.
The story of Sharon Christie Law No one ever plans to get so sick that they have to stop working. But it happens, and when it does you need Social Security Disability Benefits. Imagine that you have been approved for Social Security Disability Benefits. You now have a lump sum retroactive payment. You now have medical insurance. The fear and anxiety of navigating the disability process are gone. You can finally relax! At Sharon Christie Law, we help you get there!

As a Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyer I believe: 

 In client education. You need to understand the disability process. That’s why Sharon wrote a book about it and it is yours for free. But that’s not all that I offer to you. We have free seminars, free webinars, and a YouTube channel devoted to teaching you about Social Security Disability. When you become a client, I have a special “Clients Only” section of the website that gives you in-depth information about every step in the process. In client service. Your case should be handled the way I would want my own case to be handled if I needed disability benefits. The most common complaint about lawyers everywhere is that they don’t return phone calls. I live by the 1-day rule: all phone calls and emails get returned within 1 business day. I understand that you need answers to your questions. Passionate about the work I do. Anyone can work at most law firms, but not just anyone can work at Sharon Christie Law. You are the underdog in this process, up against the federal government. It takes dogged determination and persistence to get through this process. The staff at Sharon Christie law loves that challenge, has the patience to deal with the federal government, and most importantly, loves to win. Our favorite three words are Fully Favorable Decision, which means that I won your case. I am are realistic. I will give you a fair evaluation of your case. I will not take your case if we don’t believe that we have a good chance of winning. If I don’t take your case, I will give you a referral for a second opinion.

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