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Social Media and Social Security Disability Benefits: Does it use have an impact on you?

Official Transcript: Social Media and Social Security Disability Benefits

Hi I am Sharon Christie, your nurse attorney for Social Security Disability Benefits. Today let’s talk about social media and Social Security Disability Benefits, and how social media might affect your case. Now you probably have a Facebook account or a Twitter Account. Social Media accounts that you use regularly you have to remember that anything that is available to the public is available to anybody who is reviewing your case for Social Security Disability. So you have to think about what you are going to put on social media and how that might reflect on your case.

Now I am not suggesting that you be dishonest, what I am suggesting is you have to be really careful how you word things because let’s say you took a family vacation and you post on Facebook that everybody can see publicly is “a great vacation with my family” with not further explanation. Now to a judge or someone at Social Security that is evaluating your case they may choose to look to see what they can find on social media about you and they may think oh well this is somebody who had a great vacation obviously is able to go out, be very active, be active with their family or friends. That really does not indicate that they are unable to work. On the other hand what you may have meant was well I had a great vacation with my family. It was wonderful to see them. Unfortunately, because of my health problems, I was not able to participate in any of the activities. I had to stay in the hotel room, or you know stay at the house. Wherever you might be that gives the rest of story if that is in fact what happened. So you just want to be careful, how you say what you are gonna say on social media.

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