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Social Security Disability Benefits for a Traumatic Brain Injury

Official Transcript: Social Security Disability Benefits for a Traumatic Brain Injury

Hi, I am Sharon Christie, your nurse attorney for Social Security Disability Benefits. Today I want to talk to you about Social Security Disability Benefits for a traumatic brain injury. That is a condition that I am very familiar with. I served on the board of the Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Maryland for many years, and I represent many clients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

Let’s talk about how that is a basis for a social security disability claim, like all conditions it depends on how severe it is and how it affects your ability to work. So some of the things that we look for with traumatic brain injuries are how does it affect your cognitive skills, your thinking ability, your memory. How does it affect your ability to put information together, how does it affect your ability to follow directions? Is there a mental health component to it, and what I mean by that is do you suffer from anxiety or depression related to the traumatic brain injury? These are just some examples of the effects of a traumatic brain injury that we will want to look at very closely. It certainly can be a basis for a disability claim and you want to make sure that if your traumatic brain injury is interfering with your ability to work that you look at applying for Social Security Disability Benefits.  

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