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Official Transcript: What happens if the judge makes the wrong decision?

Hi I am Sharon Christie, your nursey attorney for Social Security Disability Benefits. What happens if the judge makes the wrong decision? That happens so what’s your next step? Well there is an appeal process. The first appeal goes to a group of judges known as the Appeals Council, now you are not going to get another hearing with the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council has to decide whether your judge made a mistake in applying the law to the evidence or in interpreting the law. If the Appeals Council thinks your judge made a mistake then they will write a brief opinion as to the areas of evidence your judge needs to look at more closely and your case will be sent back for another hearing with that same judge.

If the Appeals Council says no there is another level of Appeal to federal court. Again you are not going to get a hearing in federal court. What happens is the judge in federal court has to decide the same thing. Did your judge make a mistake in evaluating the evidence or applying the law to the evidence? So those are the two steps of the appeal process that are available to you if the judge says no in your case.

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